There is a resonating feeling of quality that comes with handmade objects. They carry the spirit of the materials and the touch of the maker – each  fingerprint adding to the complexity of it’s story. 

There is also magic hidden in everyday moments – in the everyday rituals we engage in, from daily skincare to washing the dishes. It is these moments that I design for – so often overlooked, that form a tapestry of memories.


My journey began at 15, selling vintage clothing at market stalls with my mum. I moved to reworking jeans into denim shorts, and never stopped making… Studying ceramics in 2015, industrial textile design in 2016 and working for several years as a full time artist… I’m obsessed with learning new skills and designing objects for everyday use.  Currently I’m working full time managing a design agency, but fill my own cup through crafting these love filled objects for you.

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