Cost Price Hand Sanitiser During Shortage

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The Cost Price Hand Sanitiser project was one I’m especially proud of! It’s funny to think we ever even had a shortage – given the abundance of readily available sanitiser you can buy now, but at one point – stores told me they would have to close as they simply couldn’t buy it!

I was watching other Council’s from around Australia to see how they could innovatively tackle issues surrounding Covid and one Sydney Council was able to bulk buy, package and deliver it’s store owners free sanitiser to help. I brought this idea to Lismore Council, along with an idea of cost (approximately $1200) but they didn’t feel they were in a position to help in this way.

I thought it was such a good idea, that I ended up dipping into my savings and bulk purchasing an 80L drum of sanitiser from a local distillery, then buying bulk spray bottles from local Kemp Agencies and even designed and printed at officeworks labels that were aligned with current health standards.

I was given a stall at the Lismore Product Markets and advertised to business owners and community members that I would be there – we sold over 300 bottles at cost price, which was next to nothing in the end – and were able to effectively provide the community with an affordable, easy to access alternative which effectively personally cost me nothing (the labels did cost me personally in the end but I’ll always pay for pretty labels haha!)

This was a great initiative I was proud to run and helped ease the shortage and keep stores open and vulnerable community members safe.

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