Hey sunshines of Lismore. I wanted to share something with you. I’ve been struggling (majorly) this last week. My adhd brain + trauma/ptsd has meant that even thinking about the giant ‘to-do’ list of stuff I need to do to get back to some sense of normal is overwhelming and feels insurmountable. Anyone relate? Someone asks me how they can help me and I don’t even know where to start.

So I wanted to spend this week getting on top of the logistical stuff that I could. My brain works very much around processes and stepping through projects until they’re ‘complete’, one task at a time, so I essentially wrote a little booklet (I looked for and and couldn’t find one so I wrote it, so Sally) to walk me through these steps. It’s really helped me.

Once it was out of my mind and on paper, I felt so much better. I assessed my basic human needs and which ones were not met and at crisis levels, then I created a dream support network, wrote tasks for each unmet need like “what would I need to feel like I’m managing this”, identified things that nourished me, then approached my support network, asked for help and was able to say this exactly what you can help me with (delegate it!). Then I made a healthy schedule, allowing myself lots of rest and time for healing while getting things done every single day to move forwards instead of being at an overwhelmed standstill.

This has gotten me through this week feeling more optimistic and supported. I have a plan now. This might not help everyone but if you’re feeling trauma/ptsd/triggered AS WELL as overwhelmed by the sheer “to do” list of it all – have a little look and see if this will help.

The digital copy is here: https://www.flipsnack.com/…/new-flipbook-vt9scjpvxn.html

You can take it to officeworks, download this printable pdf:

Download this file, take it to officeworks (cost roughly $35) and ask for it printed to these specs:
-A5 double sided booklet
-Coil bound (bronze wire – or choose your own)
-Cream cover on front and back 200gsm (or choose your own colour)
-Paper – 80gsm pastel pink (or choose your own colour)
-Plastic protective cover on both sides
Also pick yourself up 2 highlighters, a pen and some colouring pencils.

A tangible copy is definitely better, you carry it with you and use the techniques to calm yourself when needed, explain your trauma triggers when needed and check your ‘to-dos’ before overcommitting to things.

I hope it’s helpful to some of you. Big love Lismore. We will get through this ❤

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