Support Lismore Small Business Free Directory Website

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Support Lismore ( was a website that grew from my desire to help during Covid-19. During the floods and bushfires, I like so many others, felt this sense of gut wrenching helplessness – but when we went into Covid-19 lockdown, I knew my particular skillset would come into play.

I stayed up for 17 hours straight, designing and building a website directory where members of the community could list their business, for free, and update it regularly to show opening hours, ways to support them, and other important Covid info. I then printed a handful of little crooked flyers and walked around town, going to almost every business in the CBD and even recruiting a few volunteers to go into the wider community (further out suburbs). I then went home and messaged as many businesses as I could, telling them that they could list online now.

Within the first few weeks, we had hundreds of businesses using the platform and it was a great success – helping our community navigate the confusing first months of Covid-19. Later in the year, as the maintenance of managing that many members was quite involved and lockdowns had eased, we discontinued the site – and the Facebook page became the main thing people used. The website was an incredibly supportive tool for our community during that difficult period and I’m so glad I created it! Myself and many others found it incredible discovering businesses in our local area that we never even knew existed!

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